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Words for Change


Words for Change envisions a world of bravery in which hope wins over fear, where we can see the humanity in each other by the words we carry. But we can never be silent, and there is no "until..." Our intention is not to become obsolete or unnecessary, but to grow from grieving urgency and pain to illuminating love and change.

Beautiful Landscape

Mission Statement

 Founded by Lauren Lin, a local Bay Area junior at Castilleja School and San Mateo County resident, Words for Change is a youth-led coalition of young activists and writers who employ the power of words, particularly poetry, to create systemic change in the Bay Area community and beyond. We raise awareness of intersectional issues such as reproductive justice, youth empowerment, racial justice, women’s rights, climate justice, elder care, and mental health. We strive to enact tangible change within the community by advocating policies that promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and sustainability.

Get Involved

Are you a community organizer? Are you a writer? Are you a dreamer?

What do you want to fight for?

Join our community of poets, journalists, writers, and friends!

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